One-Of-A-Kind  Sea Star Driftwood Hanging Art  *Extra Unique

One-Of-A-Kind Sea Star Driftwood Hanging Art *Extra Unique

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Each piece is unique and composed of beachcombed items, but this particular piece has a one of my favourite little pieces of driftwood in it. Im sure you can guess which one. It's that little round piece that has been tumbled and weathered and you can easily count the rings of tree growth.
Other components include 4 stones from Bere Point on Malcolm Island, shell pieces from outside of Brady's Beach near Bamfield, a couple abalone shell bits, driftwood beachcombed near Muscle Beach just outside of Ucluelet and 4 pieces of sea glass collected on multiple beaches throughout the Pacific Northwest including a deeper shade of aqua..
Anissa has hand bent the spacers and Seastar from aluminum which makes it perfect for inside or out.
From the top of the loop (durable commercial fishing twine) to the bottom of the sea star this piece measures 17 inches,
Each piece comes with a carded tag that reads,
Collected on B.C. West coast where the ocean ocean waves smash the old growth trees onto the beach and sand them smooth upon the shore. Each piece is unique and will remind you of the beauty and wild side of the sea. Other components can include shells, pebbles, seaglass, (recycled copper, silver wire ... and any other miscellaneous items found in the tides)

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